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Alhambra - Granada

The most impressive monument we've ever seen

overcast 12 °C

This morning we headed up to the mighty Alhambra.
It was built by the Moors c. 1230 AD where they stayed until they were forced out by Christians in 1492.
To see something in such good condition, with such intricate Islamic stone carvings, and so old was amazing. The intricacy reminded me of some of the temples you see in Cambodia (Angor Wat) or Thailand.

I attach a selection of photos as words don't do it justice - well worth the €13 admission.

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Sun glorious sun!

A great day's hiking

sunny 20 °C

This is just a quick update - I'm knackered after hiking for 16 kilometres today (10 mile) while Mish was in school.
The scenery was superb and attach a small selection of photos.
I saw red squirrels, bright lime green butterflies and 3 wild red deer.
Check out my photos including one of the deer - hopefully you can spot them!
Having a few beers now and then will be heading out for more cervezas and tapas- I better have I seat as my legs are wrecked!


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Granada Day 4 & 5

The rain in Spain falls mainly on Granada

rain 16 °C

The weather as expected is still very unsettled here though Friday is due to be much better. There is a yellow weather alert as we're still getting the effects of the storm that battered the Canaries.
Mish is enjoying the school she's teaching at. The people have been really friendly and yesterday she got a lift back to the neighbourhood from her teacher contact there who is originally from Northern Ireland. Its about a 20-25 minute drive to her school and its mostly on the motorway.
The weather here can vary a lot - a week before we arrived there was snow lying in Granada itself, while the week before it hit 25c and sun.
However with having 3 weeks living here we don't have to rush around packing in all the sights in the space of just a few days.

It dried up yesterday evening and we went for a dander into town and had some tapas and beer. We then had more tapas in our apartment and I had some sauv blanc that cost only €1.78 a bottle and was surprisingly good. I've been using a proxy on the computer which has allowed me to watch BBC iplayer live TV and other programmes.

It's 11.16am on Thursday morning and Mish took the car today and drove to work - just got a text to say she arrived fine. I did about 3 hrs study yesterday afternoon and will do some more today and then go to the swimming pool at the leisure centre next door.
If it is much sunnier tomorrow I'll get a chance to go for a hike in the mountains near Granada - they're well signposted.
Talk soon - adios!

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Granada Day 2 & 3

Keys to the new homestead for next 3 weeks

rain 10 °C

On Monday morning we woke up at the hotel with a bit of a heavy head - we counted back 8 bars we'd been in the day before. That would explain the heavy head!

We had a bit of time before we could get the keys of our home for the next few weeks so we went for a wee drive into part of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Despite only dipping into the mountains they were very impressive and there was a fair bit of snow.

We then drove down to the apartment. Driving here isn't too bad, there's a large ring road motorway of 3 lanes each way and I'd looked up the apartment on Google Earth and streetview so i'd a good idea how to get to it.
The apartment is really nice and its in a quiet development, from the balcony you can see snow capped mountains in the distance.

We had a dander round the streets very nearby and there's a large supermarket (just 44 cents for a can of cruzcampo beer) across the road from our complex, and a sports centre with an Olympic running track and indoor pool just yards away - I think it costs just 50 cents to use the track for jogging and €2 for the pool so I'll be using those loads over the next few weeks.
Also in the neighbourhood dotted around are about 20 tapas bars or cafes, and we found an English pub where we'll probably watch the match tonight. Theres also a bar that does hundreds of bottles of beers from round the world and every time you get a beer you get a free tapa (like many bars here). They also do Paulaner Weiss on draught.

This morning (Tuesday) Mish didn't need to go to school until 11am so she drove for the first time and I sat with her.
She was nervous but she did great (the previous day we had driven to the school so we would find it easily today).
Later on I'll pick her up and she can drive back to get her used to it. It will mean she'll be able to take the car some days.
Btw, our car is a Skoda Fabia and is a strange short of grey, blue colour - I don't think potential car thieves will be attracted at all by it!

As we expected the weather is going to be pretty unsettled for the next few days - we're getting the remnants of an Atlantic storm that battered the Canaries

I'm now going to work on a job application and do some cemap studying as its pretty wet outside. It will mean when it does dry up I'll be able to go hiking nearby while Mish is in work.


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Granada Day 1

Sunday 3rd March

sunny 16 °C

Day 1
We've just spent 1 day in Granada but we love it already. Food and drink is so cheap and we've had a lovely time eating tapas, drinking wine & beer while looking up at the imposing snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada range.
The car drive up through the hills was really nice, attached are a few photos from our first day.

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